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Shot Full Of Rock Ltd

About Us

Shot Full Of Rock Ltd was set up in the Summer of 2019. The aim was to establish a vehicle for a UK hard rock 'Tribute Show' of the same name. This show was due to follow our Rock Opera, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead… But Not For Everyone!’; a two-act theatre script already successfully workshopped live in London… and of which more later!

With the ‘Shot Full Of Rock’ tribute show logo/backdrop designed and in place on the website, we added demo extracts from our newly recorded rock cover medleys to demonstrate the proposed musical landscape for our tribute show. Auditions for vocalists underway, we liaised with interested promoters and excitedly gathered momentum to launch…!


How to amuse the Gods? Tell them your plans!

Enter 2020, of which the least said the better! Rehearsal and recording studios closed, concerts cancelled, theatres dark, the world confined to barracks… ‘Shot Full Of Rock Ltd’ had to change horses in midstream! We reluctantly shelved our tribute show and redirected our musical focus.


So back to the Extreme Rock Opera! The theatre-friendly script for ‘Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead… But Not For Everyone!’ was adapted from an original concept and collection of thrillingly-frightful, darkly-dramatic and humorously-macabre rock ‘n’ roll chronicles written by Daniel Baselgia and featuring ‘The Krankenstein’ with a cast of compelling, quirky and villainous characters! Scribing of the Krankenstein Chronicles had originally begun in 2011 in Sydney, Australia and by 2016 in London, UK we had a full 2 hour-17 minute theatre script for an Extreme Rock Opera! Cast and band auditions began. The script and characters came to resounding and entertaining life; elements of lively humour and compelling melodrama with a five-piece rock band live ‘n’ loud on stage playing hard rock covers interpolated with the show’s script. With a professional cast of twelve, intensive rehearsals for the band and actors in 2017 had culminated in three sold-out workshop performances in London, UK; see 'News' Page, November 2023 for workshop photos!

Industry and audience feedback was extremely positive; there were very specific suggestions for a script edit, which was completed in 2018… and a rather more daunting request for all-original rock songs to be composed, demo’d and recorded in place of the cover songs used in the workshops! Hence the proposal for a separate ‘Shot Full Of Rock’ covers tribute show to be launched in the interim whilst we addressed the small matter of composing original songs and incidental underscore music to go with the newly edited script of ‘Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead… But Not For Everyone!’ which we could then re-present to the industry with new and exciting commercial potential!



So perhaps we had found some sort of silver lining to 2020-2021 after all; one thing we had was uninterrupted time! Fast forward and a full contingent of 21 original songs (music, lyrics and underscore) is now complete and seamlessly embedded within the script; the first tranche of these songs is currently in pre-production.

You’ll find the full versions of two songs 'Heartbeat Like A Sledgehammer!' and ‘Krank Up The Krazy!’, on our 'Music' page, with credits and lyrics. These songs showcase two of the leading characters, 'Wrenville' and 'Doctor Rockwell'... even 'The Krankenstein' itself makes an appearance!

For more about ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead… But Not For Everyone!’, please go to our ‘Theatre Show’ page where you’ll find the prologue from the theatre script and examples of audience feedback from the live London workshop performances. There are also song excerpts (including from the demo of 'A Foolproof Disguise', written for two of the show's villains) with theatre workshop photos. And be sure to check out our 'Krankenstein Trilogy' page which references the Krankenstein concept and chronicles.



Originally from Sydney, Australia, Daniel Baselgia grew up listening to Australian bands AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Divinyls, alongside British influences such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. A keen guitarist himself, he wrote, recorded and produced original songs with various bands, playing live to audiences at leading rock venues in Sydney and along the East Coast of Australia. He was increasingly drawn to bands with a theatrical dimension such as Queen and KISS and played lead guitar in a theatre rock production staged at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney.

Having successfully completed Carpentry & Joinery College and a Building Apprenticeship as second strings to his bow, Danny spent time in Los Angeles, U.S.A. in 1989 and in 1994. He rented an apartment on Sunset Boulevard, attending courses in Artist Development, Creative Song-writing and Music Production whilst living the L.A. rock 'n' roll lifestyle at such iconic venues as The Rainbow Bar & Grill, The Viper Room, Whisky a Go Go and The Roxy Theatre. 

Upon his return to Sydney he was able to combine his two creative directions both as a musician and a qualified carpenter/joiner through building music studio designer furniture, bespoke audio-effect cabinets, specialist sound-proof studio doors as well as high-end recording/rehearsal studio construction, notably Ramrod Studios, Sydney. Having heard this studio’s acoustic quality, EMI invited Danny to a meeting with a view to future studio construction, but his priority remained live rock music and theatre.

Witnessing the gradual erosion of the availability of venues for live rock performance in Sydney, Danny came up with the original concept, characters and storylines for The Krankenstein Chronicles (see ‘Krankenstein Trilogy’). He moved to the UK in 2012 bringing with him his trusty Gibson Les Paul, Marshall JCM 800 and a Guitar C.V. (see ‘News Page) which enabled him to secure employment in Sussex as a teacher of electric, acoustic and bass guitar. Working collaboratively with British writers, musicians and creatives, Danny then completed The Krankenstein Chronicles together with an associated full theatre script entitled ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead… But Not For Everyone!’ (see ‘News’ & ‘Theatre Show’) which has been fully workshopped, edited and now has all-original songs.


Danny continues to write and play music in the U.K., also teaching guitar and bass. The all-original songs for the theatre script are currently in pre-production.      


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Creative and administrative aspects of the theatre script and original songs for ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead… But Not For Everyone’ have utilised Alison Earnshaw’s transferable skills from her career as a Specialist Educational Practitioner. Former performance and entertainment industry precedents include organisational input at live events for Peter Green and Iron Maiden as well as language translation for Disneyland Paris and Radio Luxembourg.

Inspired by live rock gigs attended in the 70s and 80s, Alis cites David Bowie, Free, Hawkwind, Queen, Bob Marley and AC/DC as some of the bands and performances she was able to experience in small and medium-sized venues in the South-East of the U.K., where theatrical elements of lighting, staging and ambiance could be appreciated close-up alongside the music.


Alis played a pivotal creative and administrative role in bringing ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead… But Not For Everyone!’ from page to stage for the show’s live workshops in London and led the post-workshop script evaluation and edit; she is also co-producer of the show’s original songs.


Alis produces greetings cards using her own photography and continues to undertake occasional Educational Consultancy work.

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