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                                                  Performed by 'Shot Full Of Rock & Friends' 2020.


                                                  Bass: Danny Baselgia

                                                  Drums: Sam Garner

                                                  Vocals ('Oh Well'): Henry Gottelier

                                                  Guitar: Martin Mickels

                                                  Hammond/keyboards: Tor Underseth                                                 

Cover song medley arrangements by Danny Baselgia.

Produced by Danny Baselgia & Sam Garner.

The 'Shot Full Of Rock Tribute Show' vision: a stage for musicians celebrating rock 'n' roll with their closest friends... the audience! Creating the complete 70s & 80s hard rock experience for music fans who were there back in the day, for those who wish they had been and for those who are still living it! Blistering, fast-paced, high-voltage rock 'n' roll, live and dangerous both sonically and visually! The show’s concept is aimed at UK theatres, rock venues, outdoor festivals, corporate functions and weekend conventions.

In a leafy suburb on the outskirts of London, Shot Full Of Rock & Friends recreated and recorded timeless music from some of their favourite bands and artists, arranged to demonstrate the proposed Shot Full Of Rock Tribute Show musical landscape ready for prospective rock vocalists… you’ll find these versions on the Jukebox above!

2020-2022: Due to the difficulties and uncertainties surrounding live theatre and music at this time, the Shot Full Of Rock Tribute Show was reluctantly put on hold… to the great regret of all involved! However, we look forward to revisiting these cover recordings down the line, adding male and female vocals to the tracks and who knows, weather permitting, getting the show on the road and on the stage in the forthcoming future!

2023-2024: Audio pre-production for original music from the U.K. workshopped theatre script of 'Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead... But Not For Everyone!' is underway, bringing the show's compelling, quirky and villainous characters to life! Two songs from the script are available for streaming and download wherever you like to listen to music. For more information and song excerpts please check out the 'Theatre Show', 'About Us' and 'News' Pages.

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